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What to buy if you had a Million Dollars to spend? Here are some ideas

Nothing better than dreaming of being a millionaire and buying anything you wanted to. Money is not the most important thing at all. However, we definitely know it can help us achieving lots of goals that without it, would be almost impossible.


Items you cannot stop buying if you are having a baby

Perhaps, seeing it from the outside it can seem that mommies only need a stroller and some diapers. However, there are lots of things you must have if you are having a baby! Hope these little tips helps you!


Impressive and drastic changes actors had to make for a Movie Role

Sometimes, we think that being an actor is not a real sacrifice. Being an actor can come with a lot of pressure, you know that movie producers invest big amounts of money in their movies so if you don’t shine, you fail and with your failure a lot of money can be lost. 


20 things that you must do before being 30 that will make your life easier at your 50s

How do you imagine yourself 10 years from now? Do you think you currently have the best habits? Here is a list of things you can start doing now that will make your life better in the long run, so read up!


Best places to go on a great holiday with friends!

There is nothing better than buying tickets to travel around the world with your best friends. Here, we are going to share some of the greatest places to travel with friends.


Cartoons of the 90s that you had forgotten

We will help you refreshing your memory and going back to your childhood with these animated series that made the 90s the best time of all. Take a look and discover how many of them you still remember.


These Food Hacks will make your kids love everything you cook

We are going to list some things your children will definitely love. When you can’t think of anything to cook you should check out this list and problem solved!


Traveling Abroad? Read these cool tips and activities to do with your kids

Here we are going to share some cool tips that will help you with your kids while traveling. Hope it work for your family as it did for mine!


20 Healthy Foods that you (and your body!) will love eating

Discovering yourself means also paying attention to your eating habits. I promise you’ll feel much better trying to add some of these to your feeding. Your body will receive it gratefully.