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11 Things about IT movie you didn’t know

We’re going to share some interesting secrets you didn’t know! Behind the scenes details, Andy Muschietti’s obsessions as well as the famous face hidden behind “It”.


These are the most random facts we found on the Internet

If you have free time, the internet can become your best friend, and today we wanted to share a list of curious, random and very entertaining facts that we found around the web.


These GIFs will teach you how things around us work

Have you ever wondered, I wonder how that is made? Well, here are some nifty gifs that will explain how some things are made.


Real people who inspired the famous Disney characters

Whether for aesthetics or because they actually share personality traits, sometimes it’s hard to believe some of these characters were based on someone real.


The best urban legends about rock bands

The most famous and iconic rock bands are surrounded by a lot of urban legends… some of these have been denied, but here we’re going to reveal the best and most controversial in history.


20 things everyone should know (Or 20 useless facts that will entertain you)

Here we show you 20 curious things that everyone should know; or possibly 20 useless facts that you may never use, but entertain you.


Celebrities who are over 50 years old and look AMAZING

You’ve definitely seen these celebrities many times, but surely you think they are younger than they actually are because they look amazing!


Find the subliminal message behind these famous logos

I’ve never taken the time to analyze these logos, but now that I’ve done it, I’ill never see the brands in the same way in my life.


Unique endangered animals that you didn’t know existed

This is a list of very rare animals that you might have never heard of or seen in your life, that are at risk of dissapearing from earth, for good. The first step to resolve a problem is to acknowledge it, so check them out!